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In order to prevent this from being another "All topics" category, I am not including writings or episodes that merely mention social media. FetLife, for example, gets mentioned all the time, both on the show and in the writings. When you consider that I cross-post almost everything to the FetLife accounts, every topic could fall into this catch basin if I'm not careful. I already have a page set up for all blog entries. I don't need this to become the beta blog page.

Instead, I am going to try my best to restrict this category to how we use social media, how to get along on social media, and if the case arises, writings that introduce new social applications that might be of interest to us. Another potential topic might be casual sex and how apps or sites like FetLife are used to facilitate these connections.

So, off the top of my head, there is already a writing about what sort of kid in the candy store you wish to be when you discover FetLife. There is the potential that Dr Kohut will be back when he gets his Porn Genome platform worked out. If there is a networking/social aspect to the interface, I might file it in there as well.


  • FetLife; Your Golden Ticket to the Wonky World of BDSM
    Congratulations! You found the golden ticket! FetLife is the largest social networking site for kinky people. For new people, just discovering the wonderful world of BDSM, finding FetLife could feel like finding the golden ticket in a Wonka Bar. […]
  • Point, click, Voila! “Dick Pic!”
    The unsolicited “Dick Pic!” and what they mean to THIS woman Since the emergence of the selfie phenomenon, people have been snatching pictures of their most intimate parts and releasing them into the cybersphere. I say people and I mean […]
  • What has FetLife ever done for us?
    Apart from: allowing us to friend, follow, and interact privately with other kinky people, allowing us to create and post events so we can find fun things to do, adding a group component so we can have discussions with multiple people at once, […]
  • Privacy Warning “Dear Sydney University” (Episode 10)
    If you have spent more than an hour, hell a few minutes, on an adult forum, such as FetLife, Adult Friend Finder, or even Fabswingers, you have seen the privacy warning. One variation reads as follows: The Privacy Warning WARNING: To Sydney […]
  • Narcissism, The Current N-Word (Episode 2)
    Narcissism: The current N-Word It probably isn’t the one you are thinking. There is a new n-word that has risen through the ranks to be the ultimate slur … narcissist. But, is being narcissistic really the evil that it is portrayed to be? Are […]
  • NSFW? The Stereo-Typed “safe for work” solution
    Safe for work! will be a safe place to view information about the show. This site is a “safe for work” space.  One of the goals of the show is to capture the biased thoughts about BDSM within our community, as well as […]

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