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Many of the postings that you find in this category will be in other ones as well.

For example, "Digisexuality" is a technology topic, but it also falls into ethics and fetishes, "Love Drugs", which deal with the medicalization of love is an ethical question, but it also deals with neurochemistry, so it belongs here. Future topics might include "Porn Addiction", which is clearly about pornography, but there could be talk about neuroimaging. And, of course, when we talk about safety, there is a chance that the discussion will include medical information. So, I will likely tag it as bother Health and Healing, as well as Science (biology or kinesiology).  And what should I do with shows that are heavily weighted in the statistics department?

I think you get the picture. This is another catch-all category.

It is also quite possible that it may, some day, be split into Science and Technology, depending on how the topics stack up over time.

  • Pre-order: Robot Sex
    Available for Pre-Order Robot Sex: Social and Ethical Implications Neil McArthur’s book, Robot Sex, is now available for pre-order. Scheduled release date is September 29, 2017 from The MIT Press. It seems like so much time has passed since I […]
  • Sexual Monogamy (Episode 24)
    What’s Wrong with Sexual Monogamy? That’s a good question! Monogamy, as we understand it today, is actually a recent development in our cultural approach to relationships and, quite frankly, it is problematic for many people. So why are […]
  • Medicalization of Love (Episode 19)
    Can we “cure” love? The Medicalization of Love. Is it possible? Should it be done? The dual nature of love In Episode 18, Carrie Jenkins and I discussed the nature of love. It has a dual nature; part biology and part social construct. […]
  • Nybbles & Bytes – The Coupling of Technology and Sex – Digisexuality
    Nybbles & Bytes The Coupling of Technology and Sex   What is Digisexuality? I recently spoke with Dr Neil McArthur, a philosophy and ethics Professor at the University of Manitoba. We talked about the fascinating emerging area of sexuality […]
  • Digisexuality: the intersection between Tech and Sexuality (Episode 15)
    Technology. It has become a staple in our lives with ever increasing frequency. Each day brings new innovations, so is it any wonder that it has worked its way into how we sex?  Enter the field of research called digisexuality. Actually, advanced […]
  • Porn Genome Research Project (Episode 14)
    What is pornography? Welcome to the Porn Genome Project, an ambition research endeavour that seeks to map the genetic elements of pornography in a similar fashion to human DNA. Think about that question. How do you define pornographic material? What […]

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1. Note: The IndieGoGo campaign has ended, but I am sure that we will be hearing more about the porn genome