Do they call it research because they do it over & over again?


If you are new here, let me give you a quick primer on my views on research:

I fucking love it!

Okay, now that that is out of the way ... this category is also a mixed bag. There will be posts pertaining to shows about research, there will be posts containing research (i.e. my own research into topics that may or may not be an episode) and there will be posts about interesting journal papers (published research) that I find interesting, compelling or odd). On occasion, there may be requests for you to participate in research. As I meet and greet more and more of these wonderfully inquisitive people, I offer myself up to them. Well, I offer to be a lab rat (they get all the cool drugs) and I offer the show and blog as a platform to spread awareness of new research projects into all of those topics we find interesting.

  • Victorian Sexuality (Ep 45) with Dr Kate Lister
    Oh, those Victorians! I recently had the pleasure of talking to Dr Kate Lister about The Victorians, in particular, some of the myths that have come down through the ages about the sexual culture of the time. The episode will be aired on Wednesday, […]
  • A Current BDSM Research Study (Ep 26)
    BDSM Research Opportunity Your chance to be heard A current BDSM research study: The Pfaus Laboratory for Sexual Neuroscience and Cognition is currently conducting a descriptive study to examine the diversity of BDSM sexual practices among the […]
  • Sexual Monogamy (Episode 24)
    What’s Wrong with Sexual Monogamy? That’s a good question! Monogamy, as we understand it today, is actually a recent development in our cultural approach to relationships and, quite frankly, it is problematic for many people. So why are […]
  • Anthropomorphic Research (Episode 23)
    Anthropomorphic Research = Fur Science! What is a Furry? That is what we aim to learn … and I found the perfect person to dismantle the stereotypes and give us data. Yes, real data. He studies furries and fandoms and is a furry himself. […]
  • Conscious of the Unconscious (3rd Rail Ep. 8)
    Conscious of the Unconscious: Research notes It has been a year since I first appeared on a TPOK Radio show (talking about unconscious sex). On May 1, 2016, I was the guest on The 3rd Rail with PreacherBear and Cypress. My appearance arose out of […]
  • Nybbles & Bytes – The Coupling of Technology and Sex – Digisexuality
    Nybbles & Bytes The Coupling of Technology and Sex   What is Digisexuality? I recently spoke with Dr Neil McArthur, a philosophy and ethics Professor at the University of Manitoba. We talked about the fascinating emerging area of sexuality […]
  • Digisexuality: the intersection between Tech and Sexuality (Episode 15)
    Technology. It has become a staple in our lives with ever increasing frequency. Each day brings new innovations, so is it any wonder that it has worked its way into how we sex?  Enter the field of research called digisexuality. Actually, advanced […]
  • Porn Genome Research Project (Episode 14)
    What is pornography? Welcome to the Porn Genome Project, an ambition research endeavour that seeks to map the genetic elements of pornography in a similar fashion to human DNA. Think about that question. How do you define pornographic material? What […]
  • Toxoplasmosis; an odd reason for BDSM
    Toxoplasmosis linked to decreased fear response The article title crossed my Twitter feed. And I just had to click.  I mean, my mouse clicked out of necessity.  Maybe it was attracted to the potential danger of going down another research rabbit […]
  • Purposeful Pain (Episode 12)
    Purposeful Pain: A Comparison of BDSM Participants and Individuals who Engage in Non-Suicidal Self-Injury Anyone who engages in consensual masochism has probably encountered someone with the bias that those of us who enjoy receiving pain are […]
  • Dear Researchers, Authors and Sex Educators – Let’s Talk!
    Researchers, authors and educators – let’s talk! I host a new radio show, called Stereo-Typed, on the TPOK Radio network.  It airs live every other Wednesday at 7 pm eastern via Spreaker.  Past episodes are archived on Spreaker and […]
  • Privacy Warning “Dear Sydney University” (Episode 10)
    If you have spent more than an hour, hell a few minutes, on an adult forum, such as FetLife, Adult Friend Finder, or even Fabswingers, you have seen the privacy warning. One variation reads as follows: The Privacy Warning WARNING: To Sydney […]
  • Dancing with your Shadow (Episode 8)
    Shadow Dancing; Fantasy, Reality and all points in between On Wednesday, October 5th, I will be joined by Dr Michael Aaron, author of the upcoming book, Modern Sexuality: The Truth About Sex and Relationships to talk about sexual fantasies and our […]
  • Fact check. Don’t perpetuate lies and speculation.
    Is that a fact? Fact check, my friends! Learn how to discern truth from fiction. Only speak when you know what you are saying is actually true. If you listened to my first episode of Stereo-Typed – I believe, you heard me tell a cautionary […]

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3. As Dr Michael Aaron explained in Episode 8, philia simply means “love”
4. When this was originally posted on FetLife, the episode had not aired.
5. some of these have likely been removed due to the recent “nonconsensual” purge on FetLife
6. More accurately, I vacate my consent when I lose consciousness
7. Emphasis added
8, 9. Emphasis added
10. Note: The IndieGoGo campaign has ended, but I am sure that we will be hearing more about the porn genome