Relating to all things relationship


How we relate, and with whom. Friends? Fuck buddies? Monogamous or Polyamorous? 

What things affect our relationships? How do we overcome things like depression or jealousy?

There are so many possible topics to do with relationships, which isn't surprising since we are talking about doing things that involve others.

And we can also talk about your relationship with yourself.

  • Check your motive (Episode 38)
     Psychological Play? Or Abuse? Motive Matters On October 11th, I will be talking to Sue Storm, host of In Bed with Dr Sue. We will be talking about a few topics, but they are all related. They deal with motive. Humiliation Play is a form of […]
  • Sexual Incompatibility is Survivable
    My Successful Sexless Marriage I have been married for 25 years. On July 5, 2017, my husband and I will be celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary and we have a happy, healthy sexless marriage. Sexual Incompatibility – we have that in spades. […]
  • Cuckoldry: Insatiable Wives (Episode 27)
     You want me to what?! Are you cuckoo?? Cuckoldry. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word? Do you think of a husband who can’t satisfy his wife so she cheats on him? Or, maybe you think of some poor schmuck who has […]
  • Sexual Monogamy (Episode 24)
    What’s Wrong with Sexual Monogamy? That’s a good question! Monogamy, as we understand it today, is actually a recent development in our cultural approach to relationships and, quite frankly, it is problematic for many people. So why are […]
  • Anthropomorphic Research (Episode 23)
    Anthropomorphic Research = Fur Science! What is a Furry? That is what we aim to learn … and I found the perfect person to dismantle the stereotypes and give us data. Yes, real data. He studies furries and fandoms and is a furry himself. […]
  • Medicalization of Love (Episode 19)
    Can we “cure” love? The Medicalization of Love. Is it possible? Should it be done? The dual nature of love In Episode 18, Carrie Jenkins and I discussed the nature of love. It has a dual nature; part biology and part social construct. […]
  • What Is Love? (Episode 18)
    Love: A Metaphysical Conversation. Love; what is it? It is a many splendored thing and it is in the air. Or, so we are told. It is a chemical concoction in our brains, also known as an emotion. Is it a mystery to unravel or something that we will […]
  • Sex and Depression (Episode 17)
    Sex and Depression – two stigmas collide Sex and depression are both subjects that we don’t talk enough about. Let’s talk about sex, baby Okay, within Alternative-Sexuality communities, we do talk a lot about sex. We recognise that […]
  • Respect is earned: I can call you Sir?
    I can call you “Sir”, you say? Are you allowing me to call you Sir? How gracious of you! Really! I just met you but you are being kind enough to grant me a short-cut to a large portion of the process of building relationships, trust and […]
  • The 4Cs of BDSM (Episode 13)
    From “SSC” and “RACK” to the “4Cs”: Introducing a new Framework for Negotiating BDSM Participation. The existing models don’t quite do it. Within the BDSM community, we use phrases like “safe, sane and […]
  • Master-slave dynamics (The Rainbow Connection – Episode 5)
    A healthy Master-slave dynamic What makes a Master-slave dynamic healthy?  I recently had the pleasure of chatting with rainbow, the host of The Rainbow Connection.  We discussed healthy and unhealthy TPE (Total Power Exchange) relationships. […]

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