The source of our greatest pain, and possibly our salvation


This will likely be the largest category. Why? The biggest obstacle that we face is the generally held belief that we are sick. It has been a long fight to have much of what we do declassified as a pathology, but we haven't completely won yet. Governments and public opinion, as well as some mental health professionals, still hold the belief that what we do is a pathology.

However, this is also an area of study that is researching us. Sexology, transpersonal psychology, and even clinicians are studying us and writing about us and normalising us.

While we can probably thank Richard von Krafft-Ebing's Psychopathia Sexualis for originally classifying us as sick, which has been carried down through a long line of psychologists after him, we can also look to the research labs that are today trying to understand why we enjoy the things we do.

Also, since this is a research-based show, I will have a lot of those researcher types on to tell us what they are discovering about us. 

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