Mmm, smut! In all of its glorious depictions



I would be willing to bet that the vast majority of us (or the listeners of this show) have watched, written or produced some sort of material that someone else would consider pornographic.

Pornography is a form of sexual expression. This is a show whereby I express sexual things ... so, of course, pornography is going to be something that gets talked about. We'll probably talk about sex work too (though that doesn't really fit into this category).

  • Sex and Censorship (Ep 43)
    Porn Panic! Internet Censorship and other Attacks on Free Expression This week, I will be airing an interview I did with Jerry Barnett, author of Porn Panic. We started a discussion on the current political situation in the UK with their new laws […]
  • Porn Genome Research Project (Episode 14)
    What is pornography? Welcome to the Porn Genome Project, an ambition research endeavour that seeks to map the genetic elements of pornography in a similar fashion to human DNA. Think about that question. How do you define pornographic material? What […]
  • Porn Wars; or, The Politics of Porn (Episode 9)
    Porn Wars; or, The Politics of Porn I have been thinking a lot about pornography lately. But, it isn’t just the warm & wet-inducing thoughts. Sadly, I have fallen down a deep hole that is the Politics of Porn. It is hard not to when my […]

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1. Note: The IndieGoGo campaign has ended, but I am sure that we will be hearing more about the porn genome