Health and Healing

Health and Healing

Being healthy, staying safe and overcoming trauma

health healing

 Admittedly, this is a bit of a mixed bag. If it has anything to do with one's health, body, mind or spirit, it will be in here. It could be about psychology, or depression, or dealing with abuse allegations in your community. Medical studies and advice, as well as ways to mitigate harm, will also be tagged in this category.


  • Medicalization of Love (Episode 19)
    Can we “cure” love? The Medicalization of Love. Is it possible? Should it be done? The dual nature of love In Episode 18, Carrie Jenkins and I discussed the nature of love. It has a dual nature; part biology and part social construct. […]
  • Sex and Depression (Episode 17)
    Sex and Depression – two stigmas collide Sex and depression are both subjects that we don’t talk enough about. Let’s talk about sex, baby Okay, within Alternative-Sexuality communities, we do talk a lot about sex. We recognise that […]
  • Face of Depression
    What Mentally Ill Looks Like Preamble There is a wonderful woman named JoEllen Notte. She is researching “Sex and Depression” and will be publishing a book, called The Monster Under My Bed, sometime in the future. She is a blogger, […]
  • Toxoplasmosis; an odd reason for BDSM
    Toxoplasmosis linked to decreased fear response The article title crossed my Twitter feed. And I just had to click.  I mean, my mouse clicked out of necessity.  Maybe it was attracted to the potential danger of going down another research rabbit […]
  • Purposeful Pain (Episode 12)
    Purposeful Pain: A Comparison of BDSM Participants and Individuals who Engage in Non-Suicidal Self-Injury Anyone who engages in consensual masochism has probably encountered someone with the bias that those of us who enjoy receiving pain are […]
  • How to Decide if You Need Counselling after a Trauma
    How to Decide if You Need Counselling after a Trauma If you have been affected by a traumatic event, only you can decide if you need counselling.  But, how can you be certain?  Dr Laura Coleman was kind enough to provide this guide in support of her […]
  • Finding Appropriate-for-You Mental Health Care
    Finding Appropriate-for-You Mental Health Care Sometimes, it is necessary to reach out for professional help.  If you find yourself in crisis, please seek out someone who can provide the mental health care you require.   Guest Contribution […]
  • How to Help When Your BDSM Community Has an Abuse Crisis
    Due to recent events within the Ontario community, I enlisted the help of Dr Laura Coleman. I want to provide resources for dealing with allegations of abuse against people we hold in high esteem. The circumstances of this case involve children, but […]
  • When People We Know Stand Accused (Episode 5)
    They stand accused … This episode has nothing to do with BDSM. Recent events involving people in the Toronto, Ontario and Edmonton, Alberta scenes inspired this episode, but there is nothing kinky about the allegations. These people stand […]
  • Narcissism, The Current N-Word (Episode 2)
    Narcissism: The current N-Word It probably isn’t the one you are thinking. There is a new n-word that has risen through the ranks to be the ultimate slur … narcissist. But, is being narcissistic really the evil that it is portrayed to be? Are […]

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