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On occasion, a guest will provide resources for the listeners. An example of this was Episode 5 when Dr Laura Colemen provided several articles that gave additional information about how and when to seek professional mental health assistance after there is an abusive situation in your community. When I have permission to republish those articles, I will do so and tag them with this category. 

Additionally, I participate in roundtable discussions and cross-show episodes. In these cases, I am not always the author of the promotional material. Since I use these materials to promote the show, I will post them into this blog and tag them with the "Guest Contribution" category so they can be easily found. (And I feel better about the transparency.)

The following writings were written by someone other than Camille/AuntieSocial and were posted with permission of the original author. These posts do show up in other relevant categories as well.


  • How to Decide if You Need Counselling after a Trauma
    How to Decide if You Need Counselling after a Trauma If you have been affected by a traumatic event, only you can decide if you need counselling.  But, how can you be certain?  Dr Laura Coleman was kind enough to provide this guide in support of her […]
  • Finding Appropriate-for-You Mental Health Care
    Finding Appropriate-for-You Mental Health Care Sometimes, it is necessary to reach out for professional help.  If you find yourself in crisis, please seek out someone who can provide the mental health care you require.   Guest Contribution […]
  • How to Help When Your BDSM Community Has an Abuse Crisis
    Due to recent events within the Ontario community, I enlisted the help of Dr Laura Coleman. I want to provide resources for dealing with allegations of abuse against people we hold in high esteem. The circumstances of this case involve children, but […]
  • Consent Violations – How do we handle them?
    Consent: You either have it, or you don’t The hosts of three TPOK Radio shows recently came together to discuss consent within the BDSM community.  This is the announcement written by Crazy Heart.  You can listen to the discussion by […]

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