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Your what may differ from the person beside you, but there is one thing that we all have in common. We enjoy something that isn't considered mainstream. It could be a particular sexual scenario we envision while masturbating or the latex sensory deprivation hood we enjoy wearing while being topped, but for all of us who define ourselves as kinky we have something unusual that floats our boat.

And that is more than okay! It is normal to be different ... that's what makes us individuals and why others find us interesting.

Whether it is a discussion on the psychology of kinky people, or talks about specific fantasies or fetishes, they will be listed here.

The following are writings that fall under that general description (though they may also be listed elsewhere.)


  • Rats in Jackets (Episode 49)
    Rats in Jackets – A model of fetish development Where do sexual fetishes come from? Well, tonight, we are going to explore one possible cause for sexual fetishes. As you may recall, some time ago, I spoke with  Dr Michael Aaron on episode 8 […]
  • Menophilia (Fetish Philes 3)
    Going with the Flow Menophilia is simply the love (philia) of menstrual blood. This sexual interest is also sometimes called “Flow” and performing oral during the monthly period has become known as “earning your red wings”. […]
  • Cuckoldry: Insatiable Wives (Episode 27)
     You want me to what?! Are you cuckoo?? Cuckoldry. What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word? Do you think of a husband who can’t satisfy his wife so she cheats on him? Or, maybe you think of some poor schmuck who has […]
  • Cuck You & the whores you rode in on
    Cuck you & the whores you rode in on (drove into) I am a cuck. This was originally posted on FetLife on November 16, 2015. I removed it during one of my profile purges. I am reposting it now in preparation for my interview with Dr David Ley […]
  • Cock and Ball Torture (Fetish Philes 2)
    Cock and Ball Torture Not your psychotherapist’s CBT Tonight’s show won’t be broadcast live. However, a new episode of Fetish Philes will be available for your listening pleasure (I hope it is a pleasure) at 7 pm ET. Fetish Philes, […]
  • Anthropomorphic Research (Episode 23)
    Anthropomorphic Research = Fur Science! What is a Furry? That is what we aim to learn … and I found the perfect person to dismantle the stereotypes and give us data. Yes, real data. He studies furries and fandoms and is a furry himself. […]
  • Conscious of the Unconscious (3rd Rail Ep. 8)
    Conscious of the Unconscious: Research notes It has been a year since I first appeared on a TPOK Radio show (talking about unconscious sex). On May 1, 2016, I was the guest on The 3rd Rail with PreacherBear and Cypress. My appearance arose out of […]
  • Pageism (Stereo-Typed 22/Fetish Philes 1)
    Pageism with Paige, The Pageist A year in the making … The anniversary of my first appearance on TPOK Radio is on May 1st. I have come a long way from being a reluctant guest on The 3rd Rail. Since then, I have appeared on The Rainbow […]
  • Under Development – The Fetish Philes
    Introducing … Fetish Philes What are the Fetish Philes? It is a new segment on Stereo-Typed. If things go well (and I have enough support from my Sugar Daddy Collective), this may become a new stand-alone show (or podcast) on TPOK Radio. […]
  • Sexual Authenticity: Decoding Your Kink (Episode 16)
    Decoding Your Kink is a roadmap to Sexual Authenticity When I first discovered Galen Fous’ book, I thought, “Oh, another BDSM 101“, but I decided to read it anyway. I firmly believe that this old dog can learn new tricks. […]
  • Nybbles & Bytes – The Coupling of Technology and Sex – Digisexuality
    Nybbles & Bytes The Coupling of Technology and Sex   What is Digisexuality? I recently spoke with Dr Neil McArthur, a philosophy and ethics Professor at the University of Manitoba. We talked about the fascinating emerging area of sexuality […]
  • Digisexuality: the intersection between Tech and Sexuality (Episode 15)
    Technology. It has become a staple in our lives with ever increasing frequency. Each day brings new innovations, so is it any wonder that it has worked its way into how we sex?  Enter the field of research called digisexuality. Actually, advanced […]
  • Dancing with your Shadow (Episode 8)
    Shadow Dancing; Fantasy, Reality and all points in between On Wednesday, October 5th, I will be joined by Dr Michael Aaron, author of the upcoming book, Modern Sexuality: The Truth About Sex and Relationships to talk about sexual fantasies and our […]
  • Tell Me A Story (Episode 6)
    Tell Me A Story Imagine that you are planning on having a scene with someone. What elements are you considering? Your toys? Your techniques? Where and when? Perhaps, you are contemplating adding psychological elements to your play. These are all […]

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