Ethics and Etiquette

Yes, there is a wrong way to do things


While it is true that morality can be subjective (what's good to the lion is horrific for the gazelle), there are still standards within our community. We have a duty of care towards one another and we are not entitled to anything without negotiation and consent. (See those sections for more writings on the topic).

The following are writings that fall under that general description (though they may also be listed elsewhere.)


  • Let’s Talk About S.E.C.S., Baby! (Ep. 39)
    Let’s Talk About S.E.C.S., Baby! I think that we can all agree that sex education in many countries, including the USA and Canada, is woefully lacking. Most high school curricula either focus on abstinence practices or are restricted to the […]
  • Pre-order: Robot Sex
    Available for Pre-Order Robot Sex: Social and Ethical Implications Neil McArthur’s book, Robot Sex, is now available for pre-order. Scheduled release date is September 29, 2017 from The MIT Press. It seems like so much time has passed since I […]
  • Sexual Monogamy (Episode 24)
    What’s Wrong with Sexual Monogamy? That’s a good question! Monogamy, as we understand it today, is actually a recent development in our cultural approach to relationships and, quite frankly, it is problematic for many people. So why are […]
  • Hate: Break the silence
    How A Whisper Can Drown A Scream Hate … It is an ugly blot on our society. Hate isn’t new, by any means, but we seem to be more aware of it these days. Every day, we see headlines of crimes that are motivated by hatred. Friends and […]
  • Conscious of the Unconscious (3rd Rail Ep. 8)
    Conscious of the Unconscious: Research notes It has been a year since I first appeared on a TPOK Radio show (talking about unconscious sex). On May 1, 2016, I was the guest on The 3rd Rail with PreacherBear and Cypress. My appearance arose out of […]
  • STI Awareness Month (Episode 21)
    Breaking the STI-gma Sexually Transmitted Disease Awareness Month April is STD Awareness Month. So, to raise awareness, as well as dispelling some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding this important aspect of our sexual health, I have […]
  • Medicalization of Love (Episode 19)
    Can we “cure” love? The Medicalization of Love. Is it possible? Should it be done? The dual nature of love In Episode 18, Carrie Jenkins and I discussed the nature of love. It has a dual nature; part biology and part social construct. […]
  • Retroactively withdrawing consent
    The morning after; A bitter pill, the bitter truth The idea of retroactively withdrawing consent arose during an episode of The Third Rail on which I was the guest. The episode aired on May 1, 2016. We were talking about unconscious sex (which is a […]
  • Home Safe! Safety Calls – of a different sort
    “Home Safe” Calls – a standard of care I frequently attend events by myself. If I am not actually solo at the event, there comes a time when I will be travelling solo back to my home. Most of my social engagements are an hour+ from […]
  • FetLife; Your Golden Ticket to the Wonky World of BDSM
    Congratulations! You found the golden ticket! FetLife is the largest social networking site for kinky people. For new people, just discovering the wonderful world of BDSM, finding FetLife could feel like finding the golden ticket in a Wonka Bar. […]
  • Point, click, Voila! “Dick Pic!”
    The unsolicited “Dick Pic!” and what they mean to THIS woman Since the emergence of the selfie phenomenon, people have been snatching pictures of their most intimate parts and releasing them into the cybersphere. I say people and I mean […]
  • Etiquette: The Bank of Life
    Etiquette: The Bank of Life This is an excerpt from Emily Post’s Etiquette, published in 1922. Please note that this book is available on Project Gutenberg, and is in the public domain. This passage can be summed up by the adage “you get […]
  • Nybbles & Bytes – The Coupling of Technology and Sex – Digisexuality
    Nybbles & Bytes The Coupling of Technology and Sex   What is Digisexuality? I recently spoke with Dr Neil McArthur, a philosophy and ethics Professor at the University of Manitoba. We talked about the fascinating emerging area of sexuality […]
  • Digisexuality: the intersection between Tech and Sexuality (Episode 15)
    Technology. It has become a staple in our lives with ever increasing frequency. Each day brings new innovations, so is it any wonder that it has worked its way into how we sex?  Enter the field of research called digisexuality. Actually, advanced […]
  • The 4Cs of BDSM (Episode 13)
    From “SSC” and “RACK” to the “4Cs”: Introducing a new Framework for Negotiating BDSM Participation. The existing models don’t quite do it. Within the BDSM community, we use phrases like “safe, sane and […]

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References   [ + ]

1. When this was originally posted on FetLife, the episode had not aired.
2. some of these have likely been removed due to the recent “nonconsensual” purge on FetLife
3. More accurately, I vacate my consent when I lose consciousness
4. Emphasis added
5, 6. Emphasis added
7. I’ve tried, it doesn’t work.
8. at my ex’s
9. For those that don’t know my local geography, this cat & mouse game lasted for about 20 minutes
10. to determine that he was indeed following me
11. Approximately 45 minutes to my home and another 15 minutes to the Police Station with a lot of back-tracking involved through my neighbourhood, so I know it wasn’t a coincidence.
12. especially those who saw me out & about
13. I have a Bluetooth connection in my vehicle — please use hands-free methods to make the call!
14. Some options: A gas station, the airport, a busy highway rest stop, bar or restaurant.
15. those I frequently play and/or stay with
16. Hell, we see a lot of Verucas on-line