Master-slave dynamics (The Rainbow Connection – Episode 5)

A healthy Master-slave dynamic What makes a Master-slave dynamic healthy?  I recently had the pleasure of chatting with rainbow, the host of The Rainbow Connection.  We discussed healthy and unhealthy TPE (Total Power Exchange) relationships.  Although we had some technical difficulties, the conversation flowed easily. It is always nice to have a candid conversation with … [Read more…]

Kink-friendly doctors, psychologists and other experts needed!

Kink-Friendly Guests Needed! I am looking for kink-friendly individuals who are willing to appear as a guest on up-coming episodes of the new kink-centred radio show Stereo-Typed with AuntieSocial.  Currently, I am researching the following topics, but am open (read, very open) to discussing additional subjects that fall within the focus of the show: Anatomy … [Read more…]