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Episode Guide

Here’s an Episode Guide to all the Stereo-Typed shows, as well as AuntieSocial‘s appearances on other programs.  The links will take you to the right post on this web page where you can stream the audio live, or link to the archived copies on Spreaker and iTunes.

Content Warning!

This show has discussions about topics related to Human Sexuality, including BDSM (Bondage, Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadomasochism). If you aren’t 18+, please do not listen.

Stereo-Typed Episodes

Topics and links to past and up-coming episodes of TPOK Radio's Stereo-Typed with AuntieSocial
EpisodeDateTopicGuestPodcast Archive
4613 Dec 2017ThreesomesRyan ScoatsListen Now
4506 Dec 2017Victorian SexualityKate ListerListen Now
4422 Nov 2017How to be a DominantWhiteTigerPrimeListen Now
4315 Nov 2017Sex and CensorshipJerry BarnettListen Now
4208 Nov 2017Trafficking and Sex WorkJill McCrackenListen Now
4101 Nov 2017Beyond the PhysicalVeronica YahnsListen Now
4025 Oct 2017Femal OrgasmsEyal MatsliahListen Now
3918 Oct 2017Sexual Ethics EducationSharon LambListen Now
3811 Oct 2017Motivation in BDSMSue StormListen Now
37/FP 604 Oct 2017Daddy DomPreacherBearListen Now
3627 Sep 2017AdjectificationNoneListen Now
3520 Sep 2017AnxietyNoneListen Now
34/FP 506 Sep 2017Furry Fandom"Nuka"Listen Now
3323 Aug 2017Attraction and ActionNoneListen Now
3216 Aug 2017She's BackNoneListen Now
31/FP 419 Jul 2017Gorean LifestyleMalebrancheListen Now
3012 Jul 2017CuddlingAdam LippinListen Now
2905 Jul 2017Sexual IncompatibilityNoneListen Now
28/FP 328 Jun 2017MenophiliaMrRedWingListen Now
2721 Jun 2017Cuckoldry & Sexual ShameDavid LeyListen Now
2614 Jun 2017BDSM Research StudySimon DubéListen Now
25/FP 207 Jun 2017Cock and Ball TortureBearsPixieListen Now
2431 May 2017Consensual Non-monogamyNick HardingListen Now
2317 May 2017Furry FandomCourtney PlanteListen Now
22/FP 103 May 2017PageismPaige La MarchandListen Now
2119 Apr 2017STD MisconceptionsJenelle Marie PierceListen Now
2005 Apr 2017Male Sexual Assault SurvivorsDon WrightListen Now
1922 Mar 2017Medicalization of LoveBrian EarpListen Now
1808 Mar 2017Metaphysics of LoveCarrie JenkinsListen Now
1722 Feb 2017Sex and DepressionJoEllen NotteListen Now
1608 Feb 2017Shameless SexualityGalen Fous MTPListen Now
1525 Jan 2017DigisexualityNeil McArthurListen Now
1411 Jan 2017Porn ResearchTaylor KohutListen Now
1328 Dec 2016Negotiation FrameworkEmily PriorListen Now
1214 Dec 2016MotivationsMarkie TwistListen Now
1130 Nov 2017Kinksters for CrittersNaughtyHotty and LiquidEroticaListen Now
1016 Nov 2016"Dear Sydney University"NoneListen Now
919 Oct 2016Porn, PoliticsErnest GreeneListen Now
805 Oct 2016Fantasy, PsychologyMichael AaronListen Now
7Pre-recordedCrazyHeart's TransitioningCrazy HeartListen Now
621 Sep 2016Scene buildingAnton FulmenListen Now
507 Sep 2016Trauma, RecoveryLaura ColemanListen Now
424 Aug 2016Self-discovery in KinkJustin DecerousListen Now
310 Aug 2016EventsPreacher Bear and Crazy HeartListen Now
227 Jul 2016NarcissismNoneListen Now
113 Jul 2016StereotypesNoneListen Now

Fetish Philes Episodes

Topics and links for episodes of TPOK Radio's Fetish Philes with AuntieSocial.
EpisodeDateTopicGuestBlog Post
1015 Dec 2017SissificationBrooklynListen Now
917 Nov 2017LatexMarikaListen Now
803 Nov 2017CuckoldrySue StormListen Now
720 Oct 2017Role PlayFeral SophisticateListen Now
604 Oct 2017Daddy DomPreacherBearListen Now
519 Sep 2017Furry Fandom"Nuka"Listen Now
419 Jul 2017Gorean LifestyleMalebrancheListen Now
328 Jun 2017MenophiliaMrRedWingListen Now
207 Jun 2017Cock and Ball TortureBearsPixieListen Now
103 May 2017PageismPaige La MarchandListen Now

Other Appearances

Joint discussions, guest appearances ... this is a list of all of the TPOK Radio episodes, or other podcasts, that AuntieSocial participated on, other than on Stereo-Typed and Fetish Philes
ShowDateTopicBlog Post/Audio
TPOK Host Roundtable04 Jun 2017Various TopicsStream Audio
The Pageist #5111 May 2017Books, Fantasy & RealityRead more
TPOK Live! and The 3rd Rail10 Jul 2016ConsentRead More
The Rainbow Connection #527 Jun 2016Healthy M/s DynamicRead More
The 3rd Rail #801 May 2016Unconscious SexStream audio
The People of Kink12 Jun 2016AuntieSocial Read More

What Stereo-Typed is all about

Stereo-Typed is an educational, research-based internet radio show and is a part of the TPOK Radio family. I now produce new content every other Wednesday, but hope to increase to weekly soon. You can tune-in live or access the archived content using Spreaker, iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher, or any other podcast application you wish to use.  I want you to be able to listen when you want and how you want.

AuntieSocial creates a promotional page for each program.  These contain a brief description of the topic, as well as biographical information on her guest.  I tweet the promo before each episode and post it on the Facebook Page.  So, if you would like to keep informed about upcoming shows, follow AuntieSocial on Facebook or Twitter.  At the bottom of each page, you will also find an embedded Spreaker player.  The player will play the archive file if the instalment has already aired.  For up-coming shows, it will direct you to the Stereo-Typed page on Spreaker, where you can join in the live chat if you wish.

Want to appear on Stereo-Typed?

Are you interested in appearing on an episode of Stereo-Typed?  Wonderful!  I have prepared a short Guest Info FAQ which details what I need of guests. Additionally, you’ll find a contact form where you can send me information about your proposed topic. Remember, if it has something to do with Alternative Sexuality, I definitely want to talk to you!

Like what you hear?

If you are enjoying the topics discussed on Stereo-Typed, please consider joining AuntieSocial‘s Sugar Daddy Collective and support the show’s campaign on Patreon. In addition to ensuring the continued success of Stereo-Typed, you will receive bonus material that is only available to patrons of the show.