Fetish Philes on TPOK Radio

A new segment on Stereo-Typed: The Fetish Philes

A new segment on Stereo-Typed

The Fetish Philes will start as a segment on Stereo-Typed with AuntieSocial. However, I am hoping they will be much more than that. You can help me realise the goal of having a new TPOK Radio show devoted to exploring anecdotal experiences with different kinky interests. When I say different, I mean it in all the possible ways:

  • something that is unique, or misunderstood
  • various topics and interests will be explored

As always, I want to provide a sex-positive atmosphere while providing education. Instead of me researching various fetishes and kinky loves, I want to hear from those who engage in them.

The goal of The Fetish Philes is to shine a positive light on the many aspects of alternative sexual practices and I want your help to hold the flashlight.

The future is bright

When I first developed Stereo-Typed, I included this idea in my concept for the show. I wanted Stereo-Typed to be a vehicle to dispell misconceptions about and within the alternative sexuality (kinky) lifestyle. As the show progressed, and I invited different guests to join me, the focus of the show has moved more towards a research or academic focus. This is not a bad thing, by any means. However, that does mean that I am missing a key ingredient from my initial vision.

I want to bring that component back into the mix. Yet, I think that these discussions would be better served as a separate show. Initially, I will include them under the Stereo-Typed umbrella with the intent to move the content to another TPOK Radio show (or podcast). I feel that while there may be an overlap in the audiences, these discussions could attract people who are interested in the kinky aspects without wanting to know the underlying philosophy or psychology of those who engage in them.

Help me make this a reality

In order for this to work, either as an on-going segment or a dedicated show, I need your help. I need people who are enjoying unique aspects of sexual expression to tell me (and the audience) all about their experiences. If you enjoy a fetish or an activity that isn’t in the mainstream, please consider coming on The Fetish Philes. While the focus will be on those activities that are frequently met with an “I don’t get it” response, I will also be talking to people about various aspects of BDSM. Let’s face it, no matter what we are into, there will be someone who doesn’t understand the appeal.

What will we talk about?

The episodes will all start with the same basic framework. Where the discussion goes from there is entirely dependent on how the conversation unfolds. The questions I am looking to answer are:

  1. What is {insert your interesting activity}?
  2. How did you become interested in {the activity}? Where did you hear of it? Did a partner introduce you?
  3. Did you have any preconceived thoughts before actively engaging? If so, how is the reality different? Are there any misconceptions or stereotypes that you encounter from people who are not knowledgeable about the kink? 1)Remember, the goal of Stereo-Typed is to challenge the beliefs we have about BDSM and alternative sexuality
  4. What do you get out of it? How does it make you feel? Here’s where you get to tell us all about your experiences. Do you have advice for those who are interested?

Interested in participating?

I hope you are! I really want to hear what you enjoy! Additionally, there are listeners out there who would love to hear from you too!

Contact me using the following form, or reach out on FetLife or Twitter. As is often said on TPOK Radio: Use your voice!

Other ways you can support The Fetish Philes

Please join my Sugar Daddy Collective. The sole reason that I cannot move Stereo-Typed to a weekly schedule and add The Fetish Philes as a stand-alone show is because I need to replace my computer. I did purchase a laptop (Win10) which introduced new issues. I cannot (will not) roll out additional programming until I can ensure the sound quality of the episodes I am currently providing. As a temporary measure, Brooklyn has agreed to do the production duties on Stereo-Typed until I can acquire the equipment I need to produce the show(s) on my own.

Here’s some information about the Show(s), Network and Title Sponsor

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If you shop at The Church of Sinvention, please be sure to use the TPOK10 code when checking out. Not only does it save you 10% on your purchases, but it lets them know that you appreciate their support of our programs. And, we really appreciate their support. Without it, we wouldn’t be able to provide live programming on TPOK Radio.

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1. Remember, the goal of Stereo-Typed is to challenge the beliefs we have about BDSM and alternative sexuality