Contact me!

Hi there! I do love feedback.


So, I assume you want to get in contact with me … why else would you click on a link called “Contact”, right? I know, I usually advocate against making assumptions.  My bad! Regardless, there are a few ways we can get in touch:

  1. Use the contact form on this page to send an email.
  2. Join the Stereo-Typed Group on FetLife.  Join in the conversation about the different show episodes.  Let’s get the conversation started!
  3. While you are there, go ahead and connect with the show by hitting the “follow” or “friend” buttons for the Stereo-Typed account. I accept all friend requests.
  4. Comment on the blog posts for any (or all) of the episodes.  I’d love to know what you think of the topic.  You can find links to them on the Handy Dandy Episode Guide.
  5. If you want other ways to keep track of my goings-on, follow me on Twitter, like the Facebook Page.  Or, join my Sugar Daddy Collective on Patreon.  This last option will definitely get my attention.  Nothing says, “I appreciate what you are doing” more than pledging your support.  Even a dollar a month means the world to me.

There are so many benefits to producing this show. I enjoy the intellectual stimulation as well as spreading awareness of alternative sexuality. But one of the greatest benefits, something that always brings a smile to my face, is when I hear that someone listened to an episode and it made an impact on their life.

Want to be a guest?  Have something to say?

If you are interested in being on the show, there is a special form for you.  Head on over to the Guest Info page.  You can use it to introduce your topic and send me some reading material so I can become familiar with it as well.  I want to bring a variety of perspective and opinions to the conversation. Let your voice be heard!

Without further ado, here’s the Super-Duper Contact form.