Who is this AuntieSocial anyway?

Well, hi there!  I am she, she is me.  Collectively, we host the educational, research-focused show, “Stereo-Typed”.  Seeing as I am opinionated and I have a special dislike for stereotypes and where those biased thoughts can lead us, it follows that I would have a show like this one.  Fortunately, I get to explore these beliefs on TPOK Radio (The People of Kink).  While my aim is not to be controversial, I suspect that many of our topics will strike a chord or two.  That is a natural byproduct of challenging beliefs.

I will, quite frankly, know that I am doing my job if people start talking.

She’s pretty social for an AuntieSocial!

You can follow me on Twitter, or find me on FetLife.  I won’t be adding people to my personal accountbut you can certainly send a request to Stereo-Typed.  She isn’t a selective slut.  There is also a FetLife group dedicated to the show.  Please feel free to jump into the discussions.

In addition to hosting this show, I also write opinion pieces about BDSM kinks and fetishes, dark erotica and I get out & about in my local community (and beyond).  I’m a moderator in the BDSM Glossary group on FetLife. (Up until the recent changes to what is allowed on Fet, I also moderated the Horrotica group … I mentioned I write dark erotica, right?)

I am happily married to someone who is not in the lifestyle, however, I am non-monogamous (my preference is towards poly, but I’ll take what I can get, and right now long-term relationships just aren’t a happening thing for me).  While my main source of pleasure is the pursuit of pain, I could easily identify as many things, and I do!

Hey!  Do you want to be on the show?

I’m serious!  Do you?  I am always looking for knowledgeable people to take some of the attention off of me.  If you think you have a topic that would be of interest to a bunch of kinky people, pop on over to the Guest Info page.  There is a funky contact form at the bottom that you can use to send me your subject idea, as well as uploading some reading material.

And, if you just want to say “Hey” (oh, I do hope you say more than that!) there is a contact form over there to the left of this (and every other) page on the site.  Use it, but please don’t abuse it.  At least not without consent.

Crazy Heart interviewed me for The People of Kink podcast.

If you would like to learn more about my journey into kink.  The episode is entitled “AuntieSocial”.  You can stream it in the embedded app on this page because I am helpful that way!

Listen to “TPOK 205 – AuntieSocial” on Spreaker.