NSFW? The Stereo-Typed “safe for work” solution

Safe for work!

Stereo-Typed.com will be a safe place to view information about the show.

This site is a “safe for work” space.  One of the goals of the show is to capture the biased thoughts about BDSM within our community, as well as how those looking in on us see us. This is incredibly hard to do when you are using FetLife as your main hub. There is no question that FetLife is not safe for work (unless you have a very liberal, open-minded employer, but most employers and educational institutions have rules about what sort of sites you may visit.)

While I know that my main audience is fellow kinksters, what I want to do is develop a program that will have educational value to anyone who has a curiosity about our lifestyle, relationship dynamics, activities and interests. We cannot achieve this goal if the show is only being discussed behind the green door, so to speak.

The focus is on education!

Stereo-Typed is an educational program. Some of the topics will be more sexual than others, but generally speaking, there won’t be any graphic depictions of sex on the show. We will be talking about beliefs and biases, prejudice and discrimination.  My guests and I may swear or talk about sexuality, but we won’t be overly sexual.  The show and this site will maintain a safe for work feel.

I believe that the only way to challenge prejudicial beliefs is education. But, how can this be accomplished when their prejudices may prevent them from joining the kink community (i.e. FetLife) for more information?

Additionally, I will be conducting surveys for some of the topics, to gather what stereotypes exist. While I will be using other forms of social media to get survey participation, I need to have a nice little launching pad that isn’t heavily peppered with graphic images. (Don’t get me wrong, I love the graphic images, but I’m not going to send a link to my mother.)

This is my alternative to using FetLife as my main information gateway.

Stereo-Typed.com is my “safe for work” solution. With the help of some really easy to use site builder tools, I was able to put together a half-decent site with WordPress capabilities. I will be cross-posting information about the show, upcoming episodes, and perhaps even transcripts. The site is clean of any sexually graphic material. At most, there will be some discussion of a sexual nature and the occasional naughty word. To be honest, I suspect that the site, and the related blog entries, will actually be tamer than my FaceBook feed.

If there are any episodes, posts or surveys that you want to share with your non-kinky friends, feel free to send them the link. There are nifty little buttons that will make that easy to do. If you have concerns about “just how safe is it?” take a look around and make a judge for yourself.  I won’t mind if you do decide to throw an NSFW designation on your share, just, you know, share!

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Camille Beaujolie

On-Air Personality at Stereo-Typed on TPOK Radio
Host of Stereo-Typed on TPOK Radio, an educational, research-based internet radio show/podcast that seeks to challenge beliefs about and within the Alternative Sexuality cultures. Contributor to the TPOK Monthly newsletter.
Camille Beaujolie
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