What’s in a name?

So, why did I choose the name “Stereo-Typed”?

Why is it hyphenated? And what’s it all about?

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Before I get into the specifics about how I chose the name Stereo-Typed, I want to announce that we have set a date when this whole thing is going to go live … July 13, 2016, at 7 PM EST (UTC -5).

I just finished recording my interview with Crazy Heart for the “The People of Kink” podcast which will be posted on June 12th. It is only natural that we would take some time to discuss my upcoming show … because it is upcoming and it will be on the TPOK Radio network. This was the first time that I have articulated the idea about the show including how I came up with the epithet “Stereo-Typed”.  Plus, I expressed my big picture vision for the first time to a larger audience.

The name, and how it is written, is representative of the subject matter, as well as the two mediums that will be used to express ideas. The ideas of whom? Mine, my guests, the listeners … everyone, both within and outside of our community/culture. It is a show about ideas …

At first glance, the name does give a good indication of what the show will encompass, but it isn’t all about stereotypes, by a long shot.

It is about belief.

Stereo-Typed’s  focus is on what we believe about ourselves and those around us. It is about in-group and out-group thinking. And, it is about relating and relationships. Archetypes, generalisations and the misunderstood. While the immediate subject matter will be kinky topics, I am hoping that it will go beyond that, because at the core of it all … I will be asking one simple, albeit weighty, question … why?

Why do you believe what you believe? What makes your position a justified belief, versus an opinion? It is okay to have opinions, built upon personal experiences and emotional stimuli. We all have them, but our experience is exactly that; our experience.

This show is, well, it is epistemology, basically. At times, it will be philosophical. At others, it will be scientific. A lot of times, it will be someone’s personal experiences and emotional reactions and how beliefs (theirs and others) have coloured their experiences. We will explore these personal adventures (and misadventures) so that others can gain an understanding of what it is like to walk in those shoes.

I’m not trying to change minds or opinions.

I am not saying that I am right and you are wrong. Okay, I may say that from time to time … I blurted out a similar phrase the first time I was live on-air, so it is probably going to happen again.This may sound callous, but I really don’t care if you agree with me or not. In fact, I really hope that my listener base won’t just be sitting at home nodding their heads. I don’t want sycophants. My main goal is to challenge beliefs and encourage the believers to think about:

  • why do I believe what I believe?
  • where did the belief come from? and
  • how do I know it is true?

I want to encourage critical thinking and open the doors for discussion, to see growth to be happening all over the place! I want to discourage judgement and, instead, embrace understanding. That is what open-mindedness is all about.

All in all, I believe the name says it all. We are stereotyped. Let’s talk and write about it. Use our voices. I’ll be using mine.

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Camille Beaujolie

On-Air Personality at Stereo-Typed on TPOK Radio
Host of Stereo-Typed on TPOK Radio, an educational, research-based internet radio show/podcast that seeks to challenge beliefs about and within the Alternative Sexuality cultures. Contributor to the TPOK Monthly newsletter.
Camille Beaujolie
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