Master-slave dynamics (The Rainbow Connection – Episode 5)

A healthy Master-slave dynamic

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What makes a Master-slave dynamic healthy?  I recently had the pleasure of chatting with rainbow, the host of The Rainbow Connection.  We discussed healthy and unhealthy TPE (Total Power Exchange) relationships.  Although we had some technical difficulties, the conversation flowed easily.

It is always nice to have a candid conversation with a fellow slave.  There really aren’t that many of us around.

Just a couple of slaves

Rainbow and I shared our experiences with being a slave in a formal Master-slave dynamic. Additionally, we discussed what a healthy relationship looks like for us. Our focus was on total power exchange situations.  However, the suggestions we made concerning red flags could be applied to any consensual imbalance relationship, such as Dominance-submission.

Rainbow’s show focuses on kink-related topics from a slave’s perspective.  Her tagline is “Kinky. Sexy. Healthy.” If you are on the right side of the slash (slaves and submissives alike) or you are curious about how we s-types think, tune in and listen to The Rainbow Connection.  It broadcasts live every other week on TPOK Radio via Spreaker.

Listen in to the episode

Have a listen to the archived copy of The Rainbow Connection, episode 5 “In serving others, I serve myself best; The Master-slave dynamic,” via Spreaker, or download a copy from iTunes.  While you are there, check out the other TPOK Radio shows.  Also, my show, Stereo-Typed, will be joining the line-up on July 13th.

Other TPOK Radio Shows

TPOK Radio, or The People of Kink, grew out of a single podcast.  The initial podcast, which recorded individual journeys, is joined by a variety of live internet radio shows. There is something for everyone, which is why I am proud to bring my show to this network of kink-centric programming.

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