A journey of a thousand miles …

A Single Step


A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step ~Laozi

Another collection of scattered thoughts coughed up like a furball

We call this thing a journey for a reason

Growth, self-discovery, the discovery of those around us, is a road we walk. Well, more accurately, it is a series of crossroads and the map can get pretty damned complicated at times. Imagine being dropped in the middle of the NYC subway with no “You are here” sign. It can be overwhelming. You can get lost … easily. But all it takes to change things around is a single step.

I was having a conversation today. The other person said that they are looking for someone to drive their vehicle for a mile or two.

My response:

Why do you need a driver? Why not have a variety of passengers while you steer towards your destiny? There is an entire community who is there. You just need to be able to ask them if they will join you on this leg of the journey.

Travel companions

I have allowed others to drive my vehicle for a while. I’ve let others take the wheel. However, while they were driving, I was in the front seat holding the map and navigating. Others, especially in D/s or M/s may have an idea of where they would like to see me go … sure. But it is ultimately my journey.

I frequently have travel companions. I have loving relationships, I have deep friendships. Of course, I also have a greater community. Each of these influences my travels. They add the spice and cultural experiences if you will. Some are similar to a roadside stop, others are a full immersion.

Drive your own vehicle

But the peril of having someone else drive your vehicle is that they might not have the same destination in mind. They might decide to take a short-cut, where you need to see the scenic route. They might bail and leave you at the side of the road. Or, they might just travel at a different pace. And they aren’t you … they will never be you, so they can’t really know where it is that you need to go. They can offer guidance, direction, experiences, but they cannot take that first step for you. They are on their own journey, their own path and while I have found that a lot of people are willing to be a tour guide or a companion, they cannot provide the “self” part of the discovery. That part is on you, fellow travellers.

From the archives: originally posted on FetLife, 14 Nov 2014

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