Guest Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

guest guests frequently asked questions faqHi! Thank you for your consideration. I am happy that you have expressed interest in being on the show. I’ve prepared this short Guest FAQ.  It will give you a quick overview of what you will need to connect, as well as the basic flow of the show.

If we haven’t already spoken about your participation, please refer to this page.  There is a link there (click the Help Wanted sign) to an application form.

Guest Frequently Asked Questions:

Will the interview be recorded?

  • This is a live broadcast. The recorded broadcast will be archived as a podcast on several sites. It is also available in most podcast applications.

When do I need to be available?

  • You will need to be available from 6:45-8 pm eastern on the night of the show. To check your local time you can use a Time Zone converter, such as this one.

I’m not “out”, or I’m not kinky. Is this a problem?

  • Not a problem at all.  My listeners and I make no assumptions about someone’s kinkiness, we only expect that you are sex-positive if you are on this show.
  • Normally, the first question I ask will be something along the lines of “What inspired you to research this topic?”, or “How did you get involved in this activity?”  I ask this because it is a nice human interest question.  I will never ask you if you are kinky.  It is entirely up to you how much you wish to share.

What software/hardware do I need?

  • In order to connect with the show, and to reduce the risk of feedback, you will need the following:
    • Skype (free download)
    • Microphone
    • Headphones

All you need is headphones, a mic and Skype.

What do you need from me for promotional purposes? (before the show date)

  • A short biography.  I have found that my listeners like to know a bit about my guest.  It doesn’t need to be too in-depth, just a short paragraph about you, your qualifications and you can add information about any publications you have to your name.  I am not above pimping out your work on the show!
  • The show is promoted in four places (FetLife, this site, Twitter, and on the information page for the episode on Spreaker).  The episode is also archived on iTunes and other podcast repositories, so the bio will appear there as well).
  • Links to any sites you wish to have included in the show promo.  These could be to a blog, your website, your book (if we are discussing your publication), any interesting/relevant reading.
  • If you are open to people following you on social media, links to your profiles (Twitter, Facebook, FetLife, etc.).

What happens on the night of the show?  

Note: all times are Eastern time zone

  • At approximately 6:45 pm, I will initiate a call on Skype.  It will be audio only.  During the initial 15 minutes, we can chat casually so I can play with the audio settings to make sure that we are coming through okay.
  • At 7 pm, we go live.  We will not be able to hear the show intro.  I will turn our microphones on for the last few seconds and switch the audio so we can hear the music.  Before we launch into our topic, I will do a brief station identification and introduce the topic and you, our guest.
  • At approximately 7:15 and 7:45 pm there will be brief station identification breaks.  By brief, I mean 10 seconds or so.  Since the break is so short, our mics will still be live.
  • At approximately 7:30 pm, there will be a commercial break.  It runs approximately 2 minutes.  During this time, we can talk freely … possibly use that time to strategize the rest of the show.  Again, I will turn on the sound so we can hear when it is time to go back to our discussion.
  • There is a chat function, so listeners can chat amongst themselves while listening. Occasionally, there may be a question that is relevant to our discussion. You can follow the chat, if you wish, by visiting the episode on Spreaker. The episode information will not appear until we go live. If you do choose to follow the chat, please mute the Spreaker application to avoid any feedback.

Note:  I get asked this a lot:  The show is labelled as explicit because of the sexual nature of the content.  It is permissible to swear.  Depending on the topic, this may, or may not, be relevant, but if you feel like calling it “fucking” instead of “having sex”, have at ‘er.

What happens after the live airing:

  • As noted above, the show is archived on Spreaker, iTunes, Google Play and Stitcher. It is now also listed on various podcast apps.
  • On occasion, I will tweet about the show.  If you are on Twitter, I will include your handle on those tweets.  If you wish to retweet my promotions, be my guest!  After all, you already were!

Can I use the show for my own promotional needs?

  • Absolutely! You may use the show for any promotional purposes you wish.  Tweet it, facebook it, embed the Spreaker code on your web page.  This is as much your episode as it is mine.  (Besides, I could always use the increased exposure.  Call me an exhibitionist!)