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About the show

Stereo-Typed with AuntieSocial is part of the TPOK Radio family of radio shows and podcasts. It is an educational research-focused show with the sole aim of challenging beliefs about and within Alternative Sexuality cultures.  As often as possible, I am joined by guests who are knowledgeable in topics pertinent to Alternative Sexuality.  While I will occasionally deliver an essay-style monologue, having someone on the show adds to the depth of the conversation. Besides, who better to present your ideas and research than you?

Currently, the show broadcasts live on a bi-weekly schedule every other Wednesday evening at 7 pm eastern. The goal is to increase the frequency to weekly live airings with the occasional pre-recorded episode. Broadcasting live has the added bonus of allowing the listeners to comment on the topic in the chat section, hopefully starting a longer-running conversation that will continue in local communities (worldwide, maybe?).

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Focus and Purpose

The show has two objectives.

  • Firstly, to challenge stereotypical and generalised beliefs about Alternative Sexuality.
  • Secondly, to present innovative ideas and alternate points of view.

In order to cover the broad range of topics and ideas that fall under the umbrella classification of “Alt-Sex”, I will need the assistance of guests. I don’t want this show to be “The kink-world according to AuntieSocial”.

There is only so much research that I can do on each subject.  And, there are people, like you, who are actively enjoying or researching these topics.  I invite you to bring that passion and zeal to my audience and myself.

Areas of Interest

To be honest, anything and everything that has to do with Alternative Sexuality. As such, I am open to discussing any topic that involves non-standard sexual practices, identities, orientations or relationship structures. Generally, if it has to do with sex and it isn’t something that the larger population is doing (or are willing to admit they are doing), I’m interested. In the least, I want to hear more about what you have to say. I only have one caveat: My guests must present topics from a sex-positive, stigma reducing perspective.

Wide variety of disciplines and perspectives

Since I am trying to present different ideas, I want to draw from as many schools of thought as possible. I have already presented ideas from psychology, ethics, politics, philosophy and technology. These are just a few of the possibilities. I have an open platform to share ideas and I want to share yours.

Some topics I would like to explore

I have a long list of potential topics. This is by no means an exhaustive list, all that is missing is an expert perspective.

  • Philosophical schools of thought on sex and sexuality (hedonism)
  • Ethics and other philosophical approaches to sex culture (consent, rape culture)
  • Legal and political issues that affect the kink and alt-sex community (sex work, legal status of BDSM, freedom of expression)
  • Research projects into specific “kinks” or “fetishes” (furries, age play)
  • Medical topics (neuroscience, endocrinology)
  • Psychology (this is an endless list …)
  • Anything else associated with sexuality and relationships
Mutual benefits

My growing audience wants to hear what you have to say.  If you are a researcher or an author, we can assist each other in raising awareness for our respective projects. Bring your ideas to my audience. Give them a helping of food for thought, while promoting your project on the show. Together, we can spread a positive message in an educational and thought-provoking manner. Additionally, I promote the show through social media and I will tag you in my posts and tweets.

Who should consider applying

  • First and foremost, sex-positive individuals
  • Psychologists, sexologists, clinical therapists
  • Authors of books on Human Sexuality (Publishers – mention this show to your authors. I love promoting new ideas)
  • Researchers (I love research!)  Get out of the lab and share your findings! Pimp out your current projects
  • BDSM and fetish practitioners and educators
  • Anyone else who has a unique perspective or fresh idea about sexuality-related topics

Know someone else who would be a great guest?

Finally, if you don’t fall into one of those categories, but you know someone who does, share this page! You can use the buttons on the left to send out a social media broadcast.  If possible, remember to tag me in your message.

Or, if you know someone in particular who would be a great guest on the show, send them a warm introduction using the “Tell a friend” icon. Let them know they can submit an application to be on the show.