Mr Cocky mug give-away contest (Episode 11)

Listen to Episode 11 for your chance to win a pair of Mr Cocky mugs!!

mug3a Mr Cocky

Here’re all the deets for the contest:

As noted in the episode promo, there is a special incentive to listen in to the show. A pair of Mr_Cocky mugs will go to one lucky listener. Here are the rules and how we are going to handle the contest:


  1. This is open to anyone who listens to the Kinksters for Critters episode (Ep. 11) on Stereo-Typed, which will air live on Wednesday, November 30th at 7 pm Eastern.
  2. You do not have to listen to the live broadcast, however, if you do, you will get a second entry for commenting in the live chat (only one extra entry per person … so, come on out and chat, dear lurkers!).
  3. If you cannot listen live, you can listen to the archived copy on Spreaker or iTunes.

How to enter:

  1. During the broadcast, we will say a special phrase … it will be something Mr Cocky says (i.e. “Mr Cocky says, “…”) I told you Mr Cocky might make an appearance. When it is said, we will announce that this is the special phrase.
  2. When you hear it, send a message to Stereo-Typed with the phrase in the body of the message. While you are there, I hope you will consider following or friending the show.  You will get updates on research opportunities related to our subculture, as well as information for upcoming episodes.
  3. If you participated in live chat, please include the name you used on Spreaker so I can link up the names (if they are different).
  4. If you are not on FetLife, you can send an email to AuntieSocial[at]stereo-typed[dot]com with the phrase and your Spreaker name.
  5. DO NOT send your mailing information, etc. in that email. That information will be collected from the winner by the charity when the auction is over.

Entries will be accepted from the time the show goes live to the end of the FetLife auction … December 11, 2016, at 5:00 pm Eastern (or 2 pm Pacific)

How we will be doing this:

  • As noted, to enter, you will send a message to Stereo-Typed with the key phrase and your Spreaker name (if you participate in the live chat).
  • I will message you back with a number from the Stereo-Typed account. I will record your name and number on a list.
  • After the auction closes, NaughtyHotty or liquiderotica will choose a random number to determine the winner. We will use to select the number.
  • Kinksters for Critters will contact the winner by PM. Additionally, we will post the winner’s FetLife name in each of the discussion threads for this episode.

If you have any questions, please message Stereo-Typed. The Kinksters for Critters folx will be very busy with the auction … so I will be handling the admin on the contest. Of course, the personal information of the winner (name, mailing address) will only be available to Kinksters for Critters for mailing purposes.

I hope you tune in and enjoy the show! Thank you to @NaughtyHotty and @liquiderotica (hopefully) for coming on to talk about the Critters!

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