Point, click, Voila! “Dick Pic!”

The unsolicited “Dick Pic!”

and what they mean to THIS woman

dick pic

Look! I have a Dick Pic too! “Lollipop! lollipop! Oh, my Golly, Lolly!”

Since the emergence of the selfie phenomenon, people have been snatching pictures of their most intimate parts and releasing them into the cybersphere. I say people and I mean people. This is not something that only men do, but it seems so easy these days to point out certain boorish behaviours as being unique to the male gender.

Cocks, pussies and other animals

As a member of FetLife, the world’s largest social media network for those who embrace their sexuality, I have seen it all. People post pictures of all sorts of things, including disembodied body parts. Hell, I even have a few shots of my snatch hidden away in my “Only friends” area. Mostly, these are pictures of my piercings, but they are still pictures of my box. I have pictures of my cleavage and breasts. I even have a few pictures of me sucking on a phallic lollipop.

But, there is no hype about these.

For one, they aren’t my main profile picture (although I did feature my piercings for “National C Day”), and secondly, they are posted on a site that is all about accepting sexuality and, by extension, our sexual representation.

So, why do we get so upset with the men for doing exactly what we claim is a liberation for us?

I don’t mind the unsolicited dick pic!

Seriously, I actually enjoy them. I like a good cock, and if I can’t have it personally, I will certainly take a moment to appreciate its image. Sometimes, it is exactly the thing to lift my spirits. Someone is interested in me enough to send me their member in a nice little .jpg. I would be even more thrilled if they took the time to gif-wrap it for me.

When I recently upgraded my monitor, the first comment I made, publicly, was that all the penises got bigger! How thrilling to have them show up on a 32″ widescreen monitor! Yeah, baby!

The technological male enhancement – a 32″ widescreen monitor.

Economy of scale

There are two things that are in limited supply: time and energy. I happen to have a lot more time than I do energy.

Sending me an unsolicited picture costs me a small amount of time, yet it can also be a huge time-saver. I can easily delete the message. I can choose whether I want to continue to engage with them. But, making a deal about it … that does cost me something. I have to exert energy on a reply, and often these replies come in the form of a rant. I really don’t have the resources for that sort of outlay.

Now, if you have an exceptional specimen, I might spend some additional time to appreciate the sight laid out before me.

Putting your best foot forward

I know I have been talking about two different situations here.

  • There are those who set their cock as their avatar on social media, and
  • There are those who send these pictures without first asking permission, or establishing a relationship.

Either way, I see them in a similar light. I don’t really care what the reasons are behind sending me an unsolicited dick pic. Really, I don’t. I have developed my own interpretation.

I have found that these cock shots tell me something important about the sender. (And this applies to any gender, really.) They have given me some insight into what they consider important, perhaps even their most important asset. This is what they have chosen as a means of introduction. By sending me a picture of their junk, or posting it as their avatar, they are saying “I’m a dick (or cunt).” Okay, they are saying “My dick is the part of me that I want you to value the most”.

Based on my interpretation of the situation, I can shortcut the entire relationship building process and decide if that is a penis (or vulva) I want to get to know. Getting to know the entire package is, obviously, optional since they have clearly demonstrated that they would most like me to become acquainted with their parts.

Send me those pics, with a caveat

It is a major time saver! So, if all you want to do is show me your penis, send it my way! You won’t offend me. But I need you to promise not to be offended if I don’t find your cock impressive.

However, if you want to form a relationship then set your avatar to something less forward … maybe your bicep. If I am interested, I will take a peek at your picture gallery. If things progress, I may actually request a dick pic.

Of course, if you have created an entire profile on FetLife to display your peen in the most artistic way, I want to be your friend! Who doesn’t love playing dress-up?

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