Introducing Stereo-Typed with AuntieSocial

Welcome to the place where the words live.

Stereo-Typed is an educational research-based internet radio show that examines the beliefs about and within Alternate Sexuality cultures.  We strive to dispel stereotypes and myths so people are freer to enjoy their own sexuality, whatever that may entail.

You may wonder where the name came from. Yes, the focus of the show is to challenge beliefs, including stereotypes, but it goes beyond that. The show is about ideas. All sorts of wonderful, and hopefully compelling, ideas. Two main forms of medium will be employed to do this. You are looking at one of them now. “Typed”, as in written. “Stereo” represents the spoken portion … the radio show.

To get these ideas across to the audience, I will be supporting the radio show episodes with writings. I will also write about topics that are related to Alternative Sexuality that may not become an episode.

If you like what you see and hear on Stereo-Typed, please visit my Patreon page and join my Sugar Daddy Collective. I have goals for this show and I could use your help in accomplishing them.

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